Inspiration On-Demand. A place, in time, for YOU to be encouraged in being the best YOU. CeeCee deconstructs conditioning through Consciousness, Spirituality, and Positivity… shimmering rays of support/encouragement while journeying to self-realization.

Candid Convo w/ Paige

This real, candid conversation between Paige & Myself, is full of raw thoughts that highlight underlying issues of day to day distractions away from authenticity. Most importantly, how to recognize and rid these positive energy zappers out of ones life. Peace, Tranquility, and Happiness is not just a dream, these attributes can be obtained through best practices of freewill in life. In right action....All can overcome.







Essential’s Remixed!

In this episode, we discuss techniques to enhance character, bringing focus to strengthening weaknesses. A "Back to the Basics" remix overview of what is essential of moral/ethic fundamentals. A reboot is needed to mind, body, and soul, toward healthier ways to think and feel. Practicing the right, will manifest the right. Soul feeding in progress. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! :)

Poetry: 1. "Distracted Listener"- CeeCee/Ericca  2. "I Rize" - Marquise Thomas


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Remember When…

In this episode, we initiate using nostalgic moments as encouragement. Three Homie's stop thru, to share reflections of feel good moments that will never die. Thank you again for your time, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE / COMMENT / LIKE !  


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A Legacy of Hope

"Keep Hope Alive!" These words of wisdom spoken publicly by Mr. Jesse Jackson as encouragement coping through adversity. Hope is needed. The wise voices of my mother, Dee Dee, and Mr. Jesse T., remind us of the how this is done. Maintaining hope through it all affords a positive mindset and legacy that lives on forever.

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Tweak the Program


Enhancing the mindset is imperative to survival. It is a lot going on, everywhere! We cannot lose sight of Hope, Faith, or Compassion towards one another. This message of program tweaking using the 80/20 rule, switch gears toward how we can help ourselves grow, to increase the benefit for everyone around us. Share! Subscribe! Like! Somebody may need to hear this encouragement to better.


Cee Cee

Pay Attention

It is time to "Pay Attention", now more than ever! The COVID-19 virus pandemic has tragedy's around the globe. Real Talk is needed at this time to encourage, and remind of things that we really should be doing, along with everything else. Please be safe, and God Bless! 

Unity is strength.




Patience is called for at this time, in Our hearts and mind, with the ability to enhance Our communities. Clever distractions are among us to lure people from the journey of Self, leading to social demise. The Vibe Clinic will proudly be the annoying alarm clock to Awaken. In this episode, we toss around a few positive practices to continuously develop and build Patience, improving the quality of Life. CeeCee...Thank you very much for your Time and Patronage of My Passion Speakinig...

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Welcome to the bare naked Truth of, My Present Moment. This moment is exposed as Florida's Elemental Winds blow through me as I sit Gracefully, as my Soul is kissed in the mouth by Nature. This short, and positively natural, overview is shared in style of words spoken. Gratitude supports the essence of acknowledging the simple things. Thank you fo your Time and Support Vybin with me today....       SUBSCRIBE!!!

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*The winds heard in this podcast are real*

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Decision making in life can be a challenging task. In this episode, we pause and take a look at how unkealthy decisions plague us daily, having tragic effects like domestic violence, and even suicide. The Vibe Clinic ponders some thought provoking solutions to aid in adapting to make healthy decisions, uplifitng not only your own lives, but also those around you. You hold the Power to Choose. Positive lifestyle habits, awaits!! You got this! I believe in You...:)

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Essential Oils Fair

In this episode, The Sea Changers business building team founders, Laura & Jessica Legrand joined me in FUN, conversing about Young Living Essential Oils! We covered everything from essential oil history, to Young Living product faves, to business building opportunitues. This podcast is FULL of valuable information for all levels of experience essential oil users, from novice to expert.  Empowerment awaits.. :)

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