Inspiration On-Demand. A place, in time, for YOU to be encouraged in being the best YOU. CeeCee deconstructs conditioning through Consciousness, Spirituality, and Positivity… shimmering rays of support/encouragement while journeying to self-realization.

Poetic Jam Session

The Clinic is OPEN! Vibe with us, in this week's EXCITING Poetic Jam Session!! We are delivering 15 GOOD Minutes of various unique Soul-filled expressions, inspirtationally coated with Love, and light hues of FEARLESSNESS!! :) My vision would not have been possible without the willingness, and participation of Ericca Thomas (Songstress), Aquila Lynch (Poet), and Marquise Thomas (Poet). Thank you very much, my heart will be forever Grateful. Sit back, Relax, and Vibe on.... 

Thank you for your continued support..

Email me @ , and visit     Enjoy :)!


  1. Sultry Intro
  2. Distracted Listener *1
  3. The Rise
  4. Have I Lost It?
  5. Inspiration
  6. The Answer
  7. Geometrics
  8. Revolution Mashup*2
  9. Soul Chant*3

Works Cited*

*1. The United States Pledge of Allegiance

*2. 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' By: The Late Mr. Gil Scott-Heron/ 'Revolutionary Man 'By: Ms. Jill Scott

*3. 'Be Optimistic' By: Sounds of Blackness

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