Inspiration On-Demand. A place, in time, for YOU to be encouraged in being the best YOU. CeeCee deconstructs conditioning through Consciousness, Spirituality, and Positivity… shimmering rays of support/encouragement while journeying to self-realization.

Daily Inspirationz

Welcome to my top ten countdown of daily inspiration. This specific list gives insight toward personal energy pulses, strength, and light. 



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Woke or Naw?

What does it mean to be woke? In this episode we digest and practice operating from soulful depth, gaining authentic emotional and spiritual intelligence to use as insight to enhance all qualities of life.

Book Review: "Black Imagination" curated by: Natasha Marin. 

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How To Have Unlimited Peace Right Now!



Healing & Dealing

This episode expresses gratitude during the personal journey after recent knee replacement surgery. Healing & Dealing is all relative to decisions made. Real talk from a mindset of growth and empathy.

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Confidence: The Real Drip

"Follow the drips", toward deepening your belief in self. We focus on feeling excellent on our own levels, re-affirming the conversations with self. Book recommendation: The Power Of Your Potential by John C. Maxwell. 


E-book- How To Have Unlimited Peace Right Now


Masks Off!

A discussion of removing social masks to journey toward, and live within personal truths in aid of breaking psychological and emotional chains of bondage.



Thank you for listening...Peace!

Covetous Feelings?

This message expel vibes of motivation in combating covet emotions of envy, and jealousy. These feelings are common in many avenues of life, especially in the rise of social media. However, there is always a way to overcome.






Vibe Check!

Take a few minutes to examine your vibe, and re-imagine the way you see yourself. These spiritual tools discussed, uncover the techniques needed to shift how we perceive.


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Express Yo’Self!

Let's shine light of awareness toward the power of authenticity. Individual voices are needed! There's many distractions in place to lead away from authentic expression. Freedom lives within, empower being You.

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A Moments Notice

In this episode, we delve deep in the moment to examine the boundaries of now. This power is used to highlight the qualities of now with the chaperone of consciousness & spirituality. Life solutions live in the moment, this "notice" reminds to check on yo-self and not lose the most important ingredient of Light, within this experience of life.


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Juneteenth is foundation to the African American Heritage. In spirit of, we encourage understanding of it's importance to American history with ways to celebrate/acknowledge pan culturally, poetry & more! Literary reflections from Fredrick Douglass's "What to the slave is 4th of July?", William Lloyd Garrison's "The Triumph of Freedom".. humble perspectives of freedom presently, interchanged with an interview with minors ages ten to sixteen on Black relations.  

Poem: I Shall Rise- Jackie B.


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Happy Juneteenth!!



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